SWBT Fundraising Flyer

Making a difference

In 2021 the Social Work Benevolent Trust (SWBT) has been celebrating 50 years of supporting social workers and all want to raise the profile of the Trust and raise funds to help more Social Workers in difficulties.

SWBT 2021 and 2022

The work of SWBT Last year the Social Workers Benevolent Trust (SWBT) was 50 years old, making it 5 decades of supporting current and former social workers; and their dependents who are experiencing financial hardship. SWBT is the only charity Read more

The 50-4-50 Fundraiser

The 50-4-50 Fundraiser-and what a year it was! 2021 was our 50th Anniversary year. Throughout 2021 we celebrated 50 years of supporting Social Workers and their families who are experiencing hardship; the Trustees raised both the profile of the Trust and Read more