Successful Applicants

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Some examples of how we have been able to help applicants going through a tough time.

These examples have been anonymised and generalised to protect the applicants privacy. Names and ages have been changed.

Amy, a social worker with 7 years’ experience

Amy, a social worker with 7 years’ experience, had suffered a stroke resulting in a loss of mobility, exhaustion, and communication difficulties. Unable to work this mom of 2 is reliant on her husband to care for both her and their children. He too has had to give up his job and now they are on benefits with all their savings spent. The trust was able to give a small grant to this family.

Noel a 59 year old social worker

Noel a 59 year old social worker, has had his hours reduced due to Covid and has used up his savings with outgoings higher than his incomings has been paying a high rent as it should have included the electric but the electric supplier is unable to identify payments being made. The trust awarded him £500.

Barbara, a Social Worker

Barbara, a Social Worker, married and both she and her husband Bob are disabled, and whilst Barbara is still working, she has had to reduce her hours in order to cope with her disability. Barbara’s husband is hoping to return to work in the future once he is fully recovered from a recent operation. The reduction in pay that the couple have received both for Barbara’s reduced hours and Bob’s sick leave, has meant that the couple have fallen into debt with their rent and utilities. Barbara’s application asked for monies to help with their debts, and to pay for repairs to their car so that once Bob is recovered, he can return to work. Once again after consideration the trustees were able to award the maximum amount given from the charity’s funds. The trust is unable to meet the worrying amount of debt accrued in examples such as this and in many other similar cases.