Dear Social Worker

Su Roxburgh SWBT Trustee

Dear Social Worker think of your difficult cases;
Think of the ones where problems feel too difficult to solve.
Are they ones with mental ill health issues?
Or physical ill health, disability of children or adults.
Carers getting no support and no family nearby.
Families splitting up often following abuse,
No fault evictions; homeless; sofa surfing.
Using food banks, borrowing from family and friends.
Dear SWBT Trustee think of your applications.
Think of the ones where it’s difficult to decide, support or not!
Are they the ones with mental health issues?
Or those with physical ill health or disability of children and or adults.
Those who are carers getting no support with no family nearby.
Women and children leaving homes following abuse.
Left homeless through no fault eviction, others sofa surfing.
Many using food banks and borrowing from family and friends.
Dear Social Worker these are our applicants.
Your colleagues, friends and team members.
Their debts are mind blowing, often facing bankruptcy.
Needing our support and yours too.
Many working part time due to child care costs
Or their health is preventing more time at the front.
Their cars often broken and homes needing repair
Lets all pull together and give them some cheer.

Su Roxburgh
February, 2024