Essential Notes for Applicants


Please complete the Equalities & Diversity Monitoring Form as well as the application form.

Essential Notes for Applicants

  • Please read the these notes before completing the form.
  • Please read the notes relevant to the particular sections before filling in that section.
  • Applicants will not normally be considered for a grant if they have received help from the Trust within the last 12 months.
  • Applicants will not normally be considered for a grant for Education or Training (we advise to seek help via the Social Workers’ Educational Trust).
  • Wherever possible please complete the Application Form on line. However, it is important to note that no applicant will be disadvantaged should they not be able to complete the Application Form on line.
  • Do not leave any answers blank but insert N/A or NONE where applicable.
  • Please complete the form fully. Failure to do so may result in a delay in decision making.
  • It is important that you give full information about your current situation, even if you have applied to the Trust previously.
  • Please sign the form in black ink if completing it in writing.
  • Your application will be dealt with in strictest confidence at one of the meetings of the Trustees, which are held every two months.

Part Two

Please include all household members (but you must include their relationship to you), both those for whom you are financially responsible and others. If there are others for whom you are financially responsible, but do not live with you, please include them as well (but detail why you are responsible).

Part Three

If you do not have a Registration number do not worry, continue to complete the form telling us why.

Part Four

The Trust is a small Charity with limited funds and it aims to provide small grants that will make a tangible difference to the applicants. Grants are made for specific small purchase or debts. Please be specific and if quoting a price for an item or giving an estimate, please attach a copy. Please note that grants are not normally made for:

  • Social work training and associated costs
  • Costs of private education, health care or social care
  • Supplementing income to cover daily living expenses
  • Where a grant has been made within the year


Part Five

It is important that you give the Trustees relevant information as to why you are making the application now and what the difficulties are that you are experiencing. Please provide any information that you think will assist them in making the decision. Please provide any supporting documents, e.g. copies of bills, estimates etc which you think will help. If you have previously applied for a grant do not presume that we will have those details.


Part Six

  1. Please tell us if you have sought debt advice (examples include: Step Change; Turn2Us; Citizens Advice.
  2. Please state monthly wages/salaries after tax, etc., has been deducted.
  3. Please describe what benefits, pensions (if any), child maintenance payments, etc., that you and other household members receive.
  4. This should include all cash savings and any investments, bonds, ISAs, shares etc which you have.

Part Seven

Please give the monthly expenditure and payments under each heading in column 1. In column 2 please let us know how much is currently outstanding in arrears if you have a mortgage, loans, credit card debts, hire purchase, etc and/or the amount if you have any outstanding bills (e.g. gas, electricity, repairs etc).

And finally…

If you have any comments, concerns or compliments with regard to this application process please inform the Applications Secretary.


Revised June 2023