SWBT establishes Emergency Relief for internationally qualified Social Workers

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SWBT Trustees are pleased to announce that they can now pay Emergency Relief to internationally qualified Social Workers and their dependents arriving in the UK.

It is intended for those who need immediate assistance through a one-off payment, but are not yet recognised as qualified by the regulators in the United Kingdom and therefore not eligible for our main scheme.

Applicants eligibility would be determined by the self-declaration of the applicant that they hold a professionally recognised social work qualification and have worked as a social worker prior to entering the UK, or were dependant on such a person.

The SWBT application form would need to be completed by the applicant or their dependent. Third party organisations or individuals can assist applicants with their applications.

For more information please see the Emergency Relief for Internationally Qualified Social Workers arriving in the UK and their Dependents Policy on our website. Applicants will complete our normal Application Form and the money will be paid by cheque or bank transfer to the applicant or their nominee.